The concept

The film brings to life the powerful images of our vibrant heritage of music, dance and poetry, realized through the epic figure of Meer Taqi Meer , khudaiy e sukhan, the god of poetry whose life and work become our own experience. It’s literature on screen.


Set in contemporary times a young anarchist poet while denouncing the tradition, goes through the sufferings of love, separation and poverty which drives him to madness in which he discovers the 18th century ‘god of poetry’ Meer Taqi Meer,. In his poetic journey he embodies the intense love , the passion, and the creative madness of the poet .

Style of the Movie

The movie is set in both contemporary times in modern day Karachi city and !8th century Dehli. Primarily the mood leads the style of film, without disturbing its feel with deliberate shots and angles . Each frame is charged with sensuousness and the rawness of emotions.